There is so much redundant information in the air, that anything can practically mean everything. This post’s video uses what is termed the picture superiority effect – a fundamental part of all human interactions since cave-people times – alongside a gentle symbolism to show this.

The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology is now my place of office-space – and I feel very much at home.

In this astonishingly supportive space, Better Biz Me Ltd is now beginning to push the concept of AR as assisted reality: creating software tools which allow human beings to read, share and explain their own minds. Key to this proposal are concepts such as intuition, arationality and the firm belief there is no such thing as irrational behaviour – only that which is not understood.

The theory which grounds our approach includes what has been termed the above-mentioned picture superiority effect: where the symbolic representation of real-life events delivers much greater, deeper and more immediate understandings amongst people and other sentient beings.

Areas of application include neo-terrorism, business consulting, criminal justice, mental health, the health-tech and care sectors more widely – and finally the third sector, in particular when looking to make funding applications.

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