I have, in hindsight, been investigating human intelligence all my life.

The immediate result is the limited company I set up recently: Better Biz Me Ltd.

It positions humans and machines in a peer-to-peer partnership of exploration and research: never suggesting – nor wishing to sell or push blithely onto the business models of unhappy clients – any of the artificial thinking technologies as abusive tools to monetise human beings out of the frame of creative and inspirational thought – a goal which too many AI proponents have driven for decades.

Because that would be a tragic waste. And we don’t believe in waste. We believe in progress and learning, and the intelligences of all beings.

And that empowerment of being, of all being, is what I believe in. I was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2003 by a corrupt public-private nexus of self-enrichment, dressed up casually as involving military and security interests, various.

Today I self-define not as an infirmity imposed but as a skillset celebrated: a quantum-mechanical thinker, like so many others of my diagnosis – except, in my case, I now know, without any doubt, it is true.

Mil Williams, Liverpool UK, December 2018

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