The Age of Reason was a great thing: it brought logic and rationality to a world of fakery and superstition.

But it had a massive downside: anything which did not abide by the strict measures of rational was soon considered rational’s opposite. And so out of reason’s logical thought processes was delivered a black and white stripping down to bipolar white and black: you’re either for me in agreement of everything logical or against me in rejecting the same.

At school from sixteen to eighteen I studied Maths, Physics, Economics, and General Studies. At university, Film & Literature. And then again a Publishing Master in 2002, and most recently a Criminal Justice one in 2017. And all through my life, fascinated by tech, its interface with human beings, how it might extend them, how it might be used to reduce them.

I have never considered myself a bipolar intelligence – and given a real opportunity I think few beautifully curious and inquisitive human beings would ever care to.

So to Better Biz Me Ltd. And so to how the above serves to background a little my company’s whys of being.

The app of everything. That is what I am now proposing.

In truth, the very term irrational escapes any reason. In using itself to describe another, it defines an unjust binary. There is no opposite to reason. I would, in fact, go so far as to argue neither does irrational even exist.

Thought processes which are not racist or excluding, or rankly prejudiced in some terrible way or other, can only complement rational thought, not oppose it.

When did an absence of you in me have to mean I must be your contrary?

Did it ever?

Of course not!

We shouldn’t be talking about irrational behaviours. We should be talking about behaviours whose audit trails we either refuse or are currently unable to understand.

Therein the Better Biz Me Ltd tagline:

“learn to read, share and explain your own mind”

Therein my desire to put people and AI in the embrace of a partnership, not the slavery of a presumption, which inevitably would operate in favour of one or t’other – and at the expense of the first!

What the Age of Reason unintentionally brought to us. And what those in power then intentionally levered of it.

But we can change all this if we wish.

We can.

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